About the Trust
Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham Multi Academy Trust

A head teacher says:

Working with SNMAT is really refining what we do in our own school. I feel I know so much more about our strengths and weaknesses than ever before and have some real clarity in what our next steps need to be.


What is SNMAT for?

At SNMAT we know that our core purpose is to promote excellence in all that our academies do, in order that children and young people get the best possible start to life.

Improving Outcomes

All partner academies receive three strands of improvement work. These are:

  • The empirical offer: An annual review, undertaken alongside academy leaders and using the Ofsted Handbook as a framework, identifies the next steps for academy improvement. A KIT (keeping in touch) meeting every half-term monitors progress.
  • Involvement in a TRIAD. Three academy leaders work together to evaluate the impact of their improvement work. The TRIAD cycle takes place in the spring term. This method of working, although very simple, has a proven track record of success across the country.
  • Bespoke support. Every academy is unique. As such, the support that an academy needs is not generic; we do not employ school improvement consultants/directors on a full-time or part-time basis. Instead, we source and deploy high quality support from freelance consultants whose skill sets match the needs of an individual academy. Our academies benefit from very high quality support as a result which has been strategically sourced to support their needs.

The Ambassador Base

We also know that professional development is key to success at every level of academy work. All of our partner academies populate the Ambassador Base. This identifies the skills and expertise of those employed in SNMAT. It provides an invaluable source of support for academy leaders, who use it to seek out the best practice and develop talent. It allows all academies to benefit from the skills that are too often hidden in academies and schools.

Supporting Colleagues

Supporting a colleague can often be a very rewarding aspect of our work in education. At SNMAT, senior leaders work together to improve things, often in each others' academies.

We do not, however, have a policy of moving school leaders or effective teachers around into different academies without the consent of the local governing body. We recognise that there will be opportunities for staff at all levels to gain invaluable experience by working with other academies and, when local governing bodies are in agreement, teachers may opt to undertake project work to support colleagues and academies. We encourage this as growing our talent is key to sustaining success for all of our academies: we can offer a full career flight path for ambitious and aspirational leaders, from NQT to principal.